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Crescent Boost

Crescent Boost is a combined product of Lending, Hedging, and Leveraging.
Crescent Boost will provide Crescent DEX LP providers ways to hedge and leverage the LP position so that LP investors can tailor their risk-return profile, even market neutral strategy with amplified farming rewards.
A part of ecosystem incentive will be in place for the users of Crescent Boost, a key product of Crescent to use other functions. In the long-term, the vision for Crescent is for Boost to be the core function, so we believe the highest portion of incentives should be designated to Boost rewards. Crescent is an ever-evolving Hub, and future additions will also be eligible for incentives, and the incentive ratio for each product within the Ecosystem Incentive is subject to change to be best optimized for future direction.
More detailed information about Crescent Boost will be announced soon.