Synergy with Crescent Boost

Hedging and Leveraging Liquidity Pool Investment by Crescent Boost

Crescent Boost, which is the second utility of Crescent Network, allows liquidity pool investors to collateralize liquidity pool positions to borrow tokens. If an investor borrows and sells the same kind of token provided for collateral, value fluctuation can be minimized.

Furthermore, if the investor choose to borrow and deposit instead of to borrow and sell, the investor will have a leveraged reward while the effect of value fluctuation is same as before.

Crescent Boost provides users a simplified process to enjoy the leveraging and hedging utility to enhance risk-return profile of their investment by reducing risk and multiplying rewards.

Amplified Rewards with Market Neutrality

Crescent Network will lead significant changes in DeFi investment culture. Crescent will provide various ways to reduce risk and enhance rewards at the same time to achieve much better sharpe ratio on their DeFi investment. Crescent Boost will benefit Crescent DEX by inducing additional liquidity.

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