In the context of Crescent DEX, a "position" is a user-defined construct established by a liquidity provider intending to contribute tokens within a specific price range. The user, as the architect of this position, maintains complete control and ownership, possessing exclusive rights to inject or withdraw liquidity and to claim accrued rewards.

Liquidity providers have the flexibility to own multiple positions and can even set up positions to provide liquidity across the entire range (0 to INF) if desired. These positions serve as the fundamental units for accumulating swap fees and farming rewards. Rewards for different positions vary significantly based on their liquidity contribution, the farming plan of the associated market, and the duration of their contribution.

Each position is distinctly tied to its owner and doesn't generate a secondary product like a pool token, which was characteristic of the legacy module. With the absence of pool tokens, users are freed from the obligation of farming (staking) these tokens post-deposit. Instead, as soon as users make a deposit, they are immediately enlisted as liquidity providers and start accumulating rewards.

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