Liquid Staking Validator

Liquid Staking Validator

Crescent Network’s liquid staking utility consists of whitelisted validators that receive delegation directly from the liquid staking module. When a user stakes their CRE, the delegated amount is distributed equally among the set of whitelisted validators that can be changed by governance, led by the Crescent Foundation.

Validator addition conditions:

  • Maximum of 1 validator added each month to existing group when no performance issues exist on the network

  • The validator’s performance and potential contribution to Crescent Network must be provided and addition must be agreed on by governance

Grounds of expulsion from group:

  • Potential significant network performance drag caused by the validator

  • Commission rate set differently than the commission rate decided by signal governance

  • Statistical evidence of VEV(validator extractable value)

The Crescent Foundation can monitor the statistical differences between mempools in multiple full-nodes and the transactions in each proposed block to prevent VEV. When there exists very strong statistical evidence that a significant number of blocks are proposed by a certain validator, the below punishment on the validator can be executed via governance process:

  • Expulsion of the validator from the liquid staking validator group

  • Slash proportion of delegations towards the validator

  • Tombstone the validator

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