Coin Pair

In Crescent DEX, anyone can create a pair of two coins, which is an ordered pair. The ordered coin pair is unique in Crescent DEX, which means only a single pair of a given ordered coin pair is allowed. For example, Crescent DEX can have only one pair for A-B coin pair consisting of Coin A and Coin B. Crescent DEX can also have B-A coin pair, which is different from A-B coin pair.

The base coin is the first coin that appears in a coin pair quotation. Consequently, the second coin appeared in the pair is a quote coin.


In the pool of bCRE-CRE, the base coin is bCRE while the quote coin is CRE. The pool price 1.133 means, the base coin 1 bCRE is traded against the quote coin CRE and exchanged for 1.133 CRE.

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