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Market Maker Incentives
Crescent DEX has a plan for incentivize market maker.

MM incentive policy

Because Crescent DEX has the orderbook system, we have a possibility of providing much more capital-efficient liquidity compared to the liquidity provided by the traditional AMM model. The disadvantage of AMM is that it requires too much liquidity to be pooled to provide the same level of effective-liquidity compared to traditional financial markets. In other words, in the case of major tokens that are easy to hedge, if the incentive system for market makers is well designed, they will show capital efficiency comparable to that of the traditional financial market in providing liquidity.
Through the incentive policy for market makers, we will incentivize them to bring a more tokens to our DEX, reduce the spread as much as possible, and provide liquidity to both bids and asks evenly. Market makers who maintain stable liquidity within the valid range on the orderbook will get relatively high score, in this process, someone may try to get points by temporarily adding liquidity to the orderbook and then canceling it. We know that we need to make our own rules to prevent such abusing.
Market maker incentive will start in V2 and details related to incentive policy will be announced as soon as it is decided.
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