Crescent Docs

Crescent DEX

The long-term road to a decentralized, active network begins with Crescent DEX, a marketplace that embodies the foundational direction:
  • Maximization of capital-efficiency through Hybrid AMM/Orderbook methodologies via fair order matching mechanism
  • An incentive structure designed to optimize capital-efficiency and quality of liquidity
  • Prioritize security when handling exchanges of bridged assets
The structural design of Crescent DEX prevents:
  • Unnecessary low-latency competition
  • Front-running and validator extractable value (VEV)
  • Attack vectors that exploit LP or market makers
while encouraging:
  • Healthy order price competition among traders and orderbook market makers
  • Participation by market-makers, regardless of scale
  • Attraction of frequent traders, market makers and arbitrageurs
  • An optimized trading fee distribution plan for LP, market makers, and CRE holders