Possibility of Change to a Single-Coin position

A ranged position normally has two kinds of coins in the position as the same as a basic position. This is only applied to the case that the price is in the range of the position. Once the price is out of the range, only a single kind of coin remains in the position. For example, for the ranged position with the range of 0.8 and 1.2, if the price is below 0.8, then the position has only A coins. This means this position sells out B coins and buys A coins at the price above 0.8. On contrary, if the price is above 1.2, then the position has only B coins, which means the position sells A coins and buy B coins at the price below 1.2. In that case of out-of-range, the users can deposit or withdraw to/from the position with only a single kind of coin.

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