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Overview of Staking Rewards

How is the staking rewards received?

Once you liquid-stake your CRE, you will get bCRE according to the mint rate. During liquid staking period, the staking rewards are added to the liquid staking module. When you liquid-unstake your bCRE after some time, you will get CRE which will be larger amount than what you originally liquid staked.
Illustration of staking rewards
As illustrated above, with the assumption that you liquid-stake X CREs, after some duration, you will get X+Y CREs.
Staking rewards and Staking APR
During 1 year, your rewards is as much as Staking APR (annual percentage rate) with the following relation.
StakingAPR=YX  (%)Staking APR = \frac{Y}{X} \;(\%)