Gas and Fees

Gas Fee

Gas is a unit of computational cost for processing a transaction. This has two main purposes in that it enables to make sure transactions not consuming too much computational resources and to prevent unnecessary spamming from the users.

Gas fee is calculated by

GasFee=GasAmount×GasPrice.Gas Fee = Gas Amount \times Gas Price.

The minimum amount of Gas Amount is determined according to the transaction. There are the recommendations of Gas Amount for the kinds of transactions. For example, for a transaction of deposit and claim, the recommended gas is 200,000while 3,000,000 is recommended for liquid staking.

Any transaction that does not meet both the minimum Gas Amount and the minimum Gas Fee will not be processed. The minimum Gas Fee in Crescent Network is set by each validator, where only transactions including more than the minimum Gas Fee will be included in a block proposed by the validator.

Swap Fee

Swap fees for takers and makers vary by market. These values can be changed through governance proposal.

Pair/Pool Creation Fee

No position creation fees. Users can move from position to position as they want.

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