Pool (Liquidity Pool)

Pools act as a cornerstone within the Automated Market Maker (AMM) DEX ecosystem. They furnish the liquidity required for traders to swap tokens seamlessly without the need for direct counterparts. The liquidity contributors—pool investors—form an integral part of this process, reaping rewards from the exchange.

Also, on Crescent DEX, pools play a crucial role in aggregating liquidity from users and facilitating token trades based on predefined rules. In the past, there were multiple pools offering liquidity across different price ranges, and users could choose to participate in any of them. However, the current pool system represents a more unified solution that centralizes and manages user-generated positions in a single place.

A defining feature of pools is a parameter termed "tick spacing", which specifies the minimum interval between successive orders they place within the order book. The selection of tick spacing value is pivotal as it harmonizes the trade-off between the number of skipped ticks and user convenience. A larger tick spacing omits more ticks, compromising user convenience, while a smaller one heightens user convenience but increases the load on the module. This tick spacing value isn't one-size-fits-all—it may differ according to the specific market and can be adjusted via governance.

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