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Information of LF Coin

This is how to consider the information of LF coin, especially the value of LF coin. The following illustrates the flowchart to mint LF coin from a pair of two coins.
Relationship among token pair, pool coin, and LF coin
First, the following parameters should be known.
  • PoolReserveA
    • Amount of A coins in the pool
  • PoolReserveB
    • Amount of B coins in the pool
  • PoolCoinSupply
    • Amount of minted pool coins of a given pool
    • Denomination of pool coin in Crescent is pool + pool id value, e.g., pool35 is the denom of pool coin of Pool 35
  • PoolCoinFarmingAmount
    • Amount of liquidfarmed pool coins of a given pool
  • LFCoinSupply
    • Amount of minted LF coin for a given pool
    • Denomination of LF coin in Crescent is lf + pool id value, e.g., lf35 is the denom of LF coin of Pool 35
The above parameters can be queried from liquidity and liquidfarming modules in Crescent. With the above parameters, the values below can be calculated.

Value of a LF coin as pool coin (amount of pool coins per LF coin)

How many pool coins equal to 1 LF coin is the same as BurnRate, which is computed as
BurnRate=PoolCoinFarmingAmount−CompoundingRewardsLFCoinSupplyBurnRate = \frac{PoolCoin Farming Amount - Compounding Rewards}{LF Coin Supply}
where CompundingRewards denotes the amount of pool coins obtained from the last rewards auction. At the very beginning of liquidfarming, 1 LF coin is equal to 1 pool coin. As time goes by, 1 LF coin is equal to N pool coin, where N keeps increasing.

Value of a pool coin as coin pair (amount of coin pair per pool coin)

How many (A, B) coin pair equal to 1 pool coin can be calculated as below.
1PoolCoin=(PoolReserveAPoolCoinSupplyCoinA,PoolReserveBPoolCoinSupplyCoinB)1 Pool Coin = \left(\frac{PoolReserveA}{PoolCoinSupply} CoinA, \frac{PoolReserveB}{PoolCoinSupply} CoinB \right)